Cube Capital Partners is a real estate private investment firm based in Atlanta, GA. We partner with proven managers in both cash-flowing and development projects with a compelling investment thesis.


We typically invest between $3MM-$5MM in equity or preferred equity instruments that offer superior risk-adjusted returns for our Limited Partners.


In select cases we offer consulting services to management teams seeking to access the capital markets.





We invest in strong assets and proven managers. Our team leverages its years of investment and financial advisory experience to thoroughly evaluate each opportunity. 



We focus on protecting our capital while achieving superior risk-adjusted returns. Typically, we achieve this by structuring our investments as "last-in/first-out" positions that reward managers and developers for success.



We maintain an ongoing and open dialog with our partners throughout the life of our investments in order to monitor progress and create value. Our sophisticated operational and strategic advise helps managers maximize returns.





56 Perimeter Center East
Suite 150
Atlanta, GA 30346



Tel: +1.404.590.8910

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